8 Essential Tips To A Successful College Application

8 Essential Tips To A Successful College Application
By: Blake Carbone, Coordinator

So there you are, sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs while staring at the blank college application in front of you.  You’ve been asking yourself the same questions over and over in the last 20 minutes; Where do I begin? Who will write a recommendation  for me?  What if my SAT or ACT exam scores aren’t good enough?  Am I involved in enough activities and organizations?  What should I write my essay on?

Slow down and take a deep breath!  In the article, “Navigating the College Application Process” College Recruiter for Troy University in Alabama, Staci Hutto shares 8 tips on creating a successful college application package.  Here you will get helpful hints from the perspective of an Admissions Officer and learn exactly what they are looking for when reviewing hundreds, if not thousands, of applications.

Hutto recommends starting early and breaking the process down into more manageable parts,

1.  Organization
2.  Deadlines
3.  Transcripts
4.  Standardized Test Scores
5.  Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities
6.  Essays
7.  Letters of Recommendation
8.  Ask for Help

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