Keep learning… seriously, you’ll live longer

As an academic institution it’s a no-brainer that we’d be dedicated to lifelong learning at the Canisius College Center for Professional Development. Anyone who has attended a workshop at the CPD shares this drive to continue their educational experiences even if their time in the formal classroom has ended. Most companies encourage lifelong learning as part of their ongoing employee development agendas—and rightly so. But actively pursuing heightened knowledge and experience throughout one’s life has benefits that extend far beyond the company’s success. According to a 2008 study, there are more far reaching advantages that include a heightened sense of individual well-being, family dynamics and community cohesion (Vorhaus, 2008). Take a look at these findings from the 2008 study:

  • Life expectancy: One more year of education has
    been shown to increase life expectancy in the
    United States by as much as 1.7 years.
  • Healthy lifestyles: People attending adult
    education courses are more likely to exercise and
    display greater awareness of health issues than
    others of their age.
  • Happiness: People involved in adult education are
    less likely to be dissatisfied in midlife, more likely to
    be optimistic and less likely to use health services.

So, in the spirit of longevity, health and happiness… never stop learning!


Vorhaus, John and Duckworth, Kathryn and Budge, David and Feinstein, Leon. (2008). The Social and personal benefits of learning: A summary of key research findings. Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning, Institute of Education, University of London, London.

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