The ‘Engagement’ Word

The ‘Engagement’ Word

Employee engagement — its become a buzz word amongst business professionals worldwide. You can’t find a CEO or academic in the business field who isn’t convinced that EE (or worker engagement) is an important part of a company’s success. But what is EE and how is it achieved?

Coincidentally, a recent study published this month attributes EE to three key areas that we at the CPD happen to offer exciting seminars on! 


So let’s get back to defining EE. Simply put, it’s a modernized version of job satisfaction. Engaged employees have a heightened sense of commitment, both emotional and intellectual, to their job. (And what employee doesn’t want their boss taking measures to increase this?!) Statistical data (sometimes nicknamed engageonomics) produced by Aon HJewitt’s 2012 Global Engagement Report found that 58 percent of employees were engaged in 2011, which rose by two percent from the 2010 EE survey. And look at three of the main areas that the survey found significant to EE:

  • Effective leadership skills
  • HR practices that create a positive work environment
  • Effective communication skills

According to the NYTimes, Pete Sanborn, co-president of Global Compensation and Talent at Aon Hewitt says that, “As the economy improves, retaining top talent is going to be difficult… Our research shows that organizations with higher engagement have significantly higher total shareholder return than the average company, so organizations that focus on what matters most in connecting employees to their work will emerge as leaders, and the others will be left behind.” (The New York Times, 2012)

So, statistically speaking, both business leaders and employees who take advantage of the engaging (pardon the pun) seminars that the CPD has to offer will find increased levels of EE . Look at these we offer: “Creating and Sustaining Employee Engagement”, our Executive Leadership Series, “Mastering Professional Communication Skills”, “Coaching for HR Professionals” and “Leadership Development for HR Professionals”.

Come check it out! You can find these seminars (and their dates and registration info) on our website.


— Brynne (BRE-in) Harrison ~ newest, and thoroughly engaged, CPD employee

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